The Adventure Forest
This is your chance to act out your Indiana Jones fantasy. It's a full size role playing game where instructions and clues lead you throughout the woods and into situations where your skill and cunning may guide you to the treasure ... or into further peril. Some events you will encounter are a real crashed aircraft, a Shinto shrine and a Sphinx two stories high. Neat stuff!! It's a mind game played out in a real world environment. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities at the park. Want to see how it works?? Here is the story at the Aztec Calendar.

Aztec Calendar
The day has been hot and the journey taxing, but despite your run down condition you push on. You have gone more than two days without water. Your body aches and you realize your mental condition is growing steadily worse. You have to rest! Suddenly your eye catches an unusual geometric shape. As you clear away the underbrush you begin to uncover a large circular Aztec calendar. You dig feverishly but the strenuous work and the hot noon day sun are too much and you finally pass out.

When you awake, you find that you have been lashed down to a sacrificial alter and warlike natives are performing a dance around the alter. The head priest approaches with his ceremonial dagger raised, as if to plunge it into your chest. You Can :

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