Our Recycled Planetarium

Most everyone is aware of the social correctness of recycling. Folks diligently bundle up their newspapers and crush tin cans but Bart and Patty have taken it to the extreme... They have recycled a planetarium. The planetarium was originally located at the University of Prince Edward Island but expensive damage to the projector and other financial problems caused its demise.

Bart and Patty did not want to see this wonderful facility lost and so when it went up for bids they bought it and moved it to the Science Park. Four years of hard work and dedication has again provided Prince Edward Island with a world class planetarium. The planetarium is housed inside a 50 foot aluminum geodesic dome. The actual theatre has a 30 foot dome screen and is equipped with 52 uni-directional seats. The main star projector is a Spitz A3P ( as is common with most medium size planetariums). Six computer controlled, primary show projectors, an equal number of panorama projectors, and an assortment of special effects units complete the inventory of show equipment. A sound, light, & laser show is planned for the future as is a local interest show featuring history, folklore and a whimsical tour of the "Island" at night. .

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