Dinosaur Museum.... New for 2003

First the bad news: We are have moved our dinosaur museum to a new location beside the park. It is a separate attraction with a separate admission.

Now the good news: We have expand our dinosaur museum and combined it with a petting zoo (small animal type petting zoo ... not dinosaur petting zoo).  It is a separate attraction with a separate entrance fee but, much more elaborate and exciting. Although you will have to pay separate for the dinosaur museum we will give you a reduced rate if you plan to go to both the Adventure Park and the new dinosaur museum. We have some really neat displays in the new museum. It is open mid June for school visits.

The explanation below describes the museum as is was at the park.   The new museum will include everything below plus more.

The Park's Dinosaur Museum, although small, is "chocked full" of real fossils, amber and museum quality replicas from the finest museums and reproduction houses in the world. The thrust of all of the exhibits is to make you think about what you are looking at and hopefully deliver the thrill of discovery when you figure it out.

There is a T-Rex leg, standing 3 metres (9 feet) tall, and a good selection of skulls of some of the most well known dinosaurs....T-Rex (of course) Albertosaurus, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, and Edmontosaurus. For impact, a T-Rex brain cast is displayed nearby. It is about the size of a turkey drumstick and compared to the skull, which you would have trouble fitting in the back of your minivan........"WOW"

Thanks to Jurassic Park almost everyone has heard of fossilized tree resin or " Amber", but kids are amazed when they can actually peer into the park's collection of this transparent yellow material and see ants, spiders, and even mosquitoes millions of years old.

There are casts of Archaeopteryx and Pterodactyls, real stomach stones from the gizzards of plant eating dinosaurs and even dinosaur "poop". ...If there were dinosaurs, Virginia, then there must have been dinosaur poop!.

There are two cases full of dinosaur eggs, nests and babies which explain the new and exciting theories of dinosaur home life and social interaction based on these finds. Children are delighted with the models of baby dinosaurs emerging from eggs......ever sweeeet!

An exhibit on dinosaur tracks and dinosaur injuries shows that dinosaurs were living creatures that walked the earth and experienced everyday problems like broken bones, sore backs and even arthritis! Close examination of these bones show signs of injury and disease commonplace in today's world. Bart and Patty, the creators, always try to make their presentations educational experiences and not just cases full of old bones.

The "Island Dinosaur" (actually a Pelycosaur which is older than all dinosaurs) is displayed in both skeletal form and also as a fleshed out model. Most people do not realize that the first fossilized remains found in Canada were found on Prince Edward Island.

Finally, outside in the park, full size replicas of Triceratops, Stegosaurus and others allow the scale of these animals to be appreciated. Maybe not the biggest dinosaur museum in the country.....but really neat!!!

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