Adventure Courses

We hope to offer the following "Adventure" courses on a daily basis. For a course to proceed, a minimum number of students is required and therefore scheduling firm dates and times is not possible. Generally, if there is enough interest on any given date, we will try to run a course.

Sea Survival  Here is the situation ..... Your airliner has just crashed at sea. The crew has perished. The passengers are in the life rafts but they are panicking. Frank keeps screaming "We're going to die, we're going to die"... Its your chance to become a hero.... you shout out, with reassurance, "I've taken the sea survival course at The Science and Adventure Park". They pick you as their leader and after your rescue, the talk show circuit becomes a way of life.

A fun and educational course explaining the survival life raft and all of its special equipment. This course is actually based on military survival training and teaches you to stay calm, trust your equipment and be resourceful. Lots of neat stuff to learn about and a dip in our pool as you learn how to board your life raft. Cost TBA

Discover Scuba This course is a good solid introduction to the exciting world of underwater exploration. The course is given by certified instructors and is a good chance for you to experience the thrill of actually using scuba equipment in the deep end of our pool. All of the equipment is supplied ... you only have to bring your bathing suit and your sense of adventure. Cost  TBA

Rocket Camp Become a rocket scientist on your summer vacation. Your neighbours will be envious..... you can even show them the rocket you built (you get to keep it). Build your own rocket and launch it! Learn a little bit about aerodynamics, rocket propulsion, and space exploration in the shadow of our full size Space Shuttle replica. Building and launching model rockets is one of North Americas fastest growing hobbies. This introduction may foster a great family pastime. Cost TBA

Archaeological Dig Cost TBA  Click here for details

You can E-mail us at but be warned a reply may be long in coming because there is only two of us and we are always quite busy! We would appreciate comments, good or bad, on our site and suggestions are always welcome.